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Doing Business in Malawi

Doing Business in Malawi has become very simplified and modernized especially as the President of the Republic of Malawi His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika since his assuming of Presidency made it an urgent point to ensure that Malawi advances the Trade Agenda, and opens up for business by simplifying the aspects of doing business.

Under this initiative, the Malawi Government through the Malawi Investment and Trade Center (MITC) set up a One Stop Service Center (OSSC) where all legislative bodies required for an Investor to invest in Malawi can be able to facilitate the process under one roof. The OSCC offers the following services among others:

  • Company Registration under the office of The Registrar General
  • Customs and Taxation issues under The Malawi Revenue Authority
  • Visa and Permit Services Immigration Services under the Department of Immigration

Investment Procedures

Investment Certificate Application

All investors are required to obtain an Investment Certificate before they establish their business in Malawi. Prospective investors are required to put up investments of not less than US$ 50,000 as minimum investment capital to be able to obtain an investment certificate from the Malawi Investment and Trade Center (MITC). To obtain this certificate the following should be submitted to MITC:

  • Detailed Business Proposal /Plan
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of passport
  • Investment Application Form
  • Project Brief (3-5 Paged Summary of Project which will be sent to the Environmental Affairs Department to determine whether project requires Environmental Impact Assessment Study).

The application fee for the certificate is US $200 and issuance fee is US$ 800. The application fee of US$200 is paid to MITC at the time that the application pack is being submitted. The issuance fee of US$ 800 is payable upon the approval and collection of the Investment Certificate.

The Internal Approval Committee (IAC) hosted within MITC appraises the projects for approval or rejection. All applications submitted to MITC are processed by the committee. Issuance period of the certificate is within 5 working days.

Once the certificate is approved, MITC assists investors to get any additional licenses and permits that the investors might need to start their operations.

Business residence permit (BRP)
Once an investor obtains an investment certificate, one is required to get a Business Resident Permit that allows him/her to be based in the country to carry out his/her operations. The following documents should be submitted in duplicates for the application:

  • Completed Immigration application forms
  • A full business proposal
  • Police Clearance report from the last country of residence
  • Two passport size photos

The investor is required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of US$100
The application is submitted to MITC and then it is forwarded with a covering letter to Department of Immigration for consideration.

Temporary Employment Permit (TEP)

For all key and time posts there is need to obtain Temporary Employment Permits. The key post permits are valid for 2 years and renewable whilst time post can be renewed up to three times. The following documents have to be submitted in duplicates to MITC.

  • Completed Immigration Application Forms
  • Two copies of the applicant's Curriculum Vitae
  • Two passport size photos
  • Certified copies of academic certificates
  • The organization chart of the company

**All those on time posts need to have an understudy who has to take over the post. This has to be done after 6 years because TEPs cannot be renewed for more than 6 years.

The applications are then submitted to MITC then forwarded to Department of Immigration with a recommendation for approval.

The investor is required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of US$100

When applications are approved, the investor can proceed to open a bank account with the Malawian commercial banks and can also register with the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Why Invest In Malawi

  • Streamlined Investment Procedures: One stop centre through with an average of five day processing for all investment related procedures.
  • Political Stability and Security: Malawi is Africa’s beacon of peace, a stable political climate for doing business.
  • Liberalised economy, Political will: Market driven rates, exchange rates. Government co-investments in strategic areas to promote private sector growth.
  • Competitive Labour Market: Large, highly educated, skilled, hard-working, honest and trainable English speaking labour.
  • Preferential Market Access: Process in Malawi and sale through free trade areas and trade agreements covering Comesa, SADC, EU and USA markets through AGOA.
  • Untapped wealth: Opportunities include agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, services, ICT and Tourism. Malawi has huge economic opportunities for investors.
  • Investor Friendly Climate: A number of Investor tax incentives, Malawi is becoming a choice destination for many investors targeting Southern Africa region.
  • Ease of Access: Malawi is located strategically for an investor targeting regional and international markets.
  • Growing economy: The economy has grown since 2007 despite global economic challenges.
  • Developing infrastructure: All key sectors of transport, property and ICT are developing.

Priority Sectors For Investment

The Government of Malawi invites foreign investment in any sector of the economy. However, emphasis for investment is in five priority areas, namely, Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Tourism and Physical Infrastructure, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The third Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS III) which is being implemented from 2017 to 2022, is the fourth medium-term national development strategy formulated to contribute to the attainment country’s long-term development aspirations as enshrined in the Vision 2020.

Details of the MGDS III can be found on this link.

For all Trade and Investment opportunities in Malawi please visit:
Malawi High Commission
Avenida Kenneth Kaunda no. 75
Tel: +258 21492676/ +258 843989692

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Telefax: +265 1 772752 / +265 1 774289
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